Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CHINA: Firefighters In China Rescue A New Born Baby Trapped In Sewer Pipe

CHINA: Firefighters In China Rescue A New Born Baby Trapped In Sewer Pipe
Thank God for his miracles. God sure works in mysterious ways.

A baby boy believed to be just days old was found in a sewer pipe in a bathroom in China last weekend. According to local media, the startling discovery was made on Saturday in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province.

CHINA: Firefighters In China Rescue A New Born Baby Trapped In Sewer Pipe
Firefighters were called to an apartment complex where residents said they could hear the baby’s cries through the pipes. Emergency crews who arrived on the scene could see the baby’s head far down inside the toilet duct, but were unable to reach down far enough into the 4-inch in diameter pipe to pull him out.

CHINA: Firefighters In China Rescue A New Born Baby Trapped In Sewer Pipe
Rescuers had to walk down one floor below to cut the pipe free. After removing the section of pipe containing the baby, firefighters took him to a nearby hospital where pliers and a saw were used to gently free him.

CHINA: Firefighters In China Rescue A New Born Baby Trapped In Sewer Pipe
The boy is in stable condition now
The child, whose name is unknown, was believed to be just two days old when he was discovered and initially suffered from a low heart rate and labored breathing. He had also suffered numerous bruises to his head, arms and legs.

Rescuers try to reach the trapped infant inside a piece of the sewage pipe. Doctors at Pujiang People’s Hospital said by telephone that the baby’s prognosis was good. His heart rate was stabilizing and his breathing was much smoother, they added.

Staff also reported that the hospital was paying the boy’s medical bills while donations of clothes, baby formula and other gifts were coming in from the community. Doctors declined to confirm whether the baby’s relatives have come forward.

Police in Jinhua City said that they “seemed” to have found the baby’s parents before refusing to speak further. Police there have also said that they were treating the investigation as an attempted murder. On Chinese social media, users expressed their outrage over the incident and called for the parents to be punished.

“More and more young parents treat their own flesh and blood so viciously,” wrote one user on China’s Twitter-like service, Weibo. “Treating a life like this is no different than murder.”

Others though expressed a desire to adopt the young boy.

Watch Video below

“I am 25 years old and single! Can I adopt him?” asked one user.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Angry Dissatisfied MTN Customer’s Message To MTN On Facebook

Good evening. Please do me a huge favour and stop sending me spam text messages to subscribe to a lot of nonsense that I dont need. I find it very annoying. I have been having issue with my phone for months now which I have complained twice at The Palms office yet no solution.

I will have airtime and still cant make call or send text occasionally. You cant predict when it will happen and it has cost me tremendously! ''All I hear is my account is too low for this call.....'' My number is 0803xxxxx.

By month end if this problem is not resolved Im porting to etisalat. I dont want any of the spam subscription messages, I will NEVER subscribe. I will check if its within my rights to sue you for that nuisance if you dont stop.

I have the same problem by the way. Its always easy to take people's money and then you don't deliver. MTN has so much customers and making so much money why cant they be less greedy and put in more telecom structures that ease the life of customers.

Photos: Miranda Kerr Bares Her Breasts During A Modelling Shoot!


Photos: Miranda Kerr Bares Her Breasts During A Modelling Shoot!
Victoria's secret's 30-year-old model, Miranda Kerr, decided to let her breast get some fresh air during a windy shoot in Miami as she accidentally revealed her breasts when shooting for a make-up range. We say accidental, call it accidental if you want, it doesn't look accidental to Rhipplemedia.

An assistant rushed to cover up the Australian star, Miranda took a while to regain her modesty on the blustery shoot for Kora Cosmetics. Consequently, all eyes were on the model's cleavage as she rushed to finish up the photo shoot.

Photos: Miranda Kerr Bares Her Breasts During A Modelling Shoot!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photos: Funny 26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults


You gotta love kids mehn lol!

1. They’ll stop what they’re doing to take a nap. Doesn’t matter where they are. Doesn’t matter who they’re with.

2. They All Make Faces Like This

3. They Conduct Themselves Poorly In Public.

4. Their Depth Perception Is All Over The Place.

5. Seriously, They Just Can’t Seem To Get Their Food To Their Mouths.

6. They Are Totally Unable To Predict When They’re About To Pass Out.

7. They always find themselves in totally inexplicable situations

8. They have absolutely no coordination.

9. There Is No Sleeping Position Too Uncomfortable.

10. They have poor impulse control.

11. They often fall asleep on or near toilets.

12. They shouldn’t be trusted around heavy equipment.

13. They have no sense of shame.

14. And they often fall asleep with their shoes on.

15. They don’t know when to stop drinking.

16. They constantly misjudge their strength and coordination.

17. They’re really bad at posing for photos.

18. They’re terrible at judging distance
19. They’re obsessed with finding something to eat…

20. …but they often don’t make it that far.

21. They’re constantly hurting themselves.

22. They draw on others’ faces when they pass out.

23. They’re not good around pools.

24. They can often be found with their heads in the toilet.

25. Things go wrong around them for no apparent reason.

26. They have no shame about being seen without pants on

I cant stop laughing.....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unbelievable! Photo: Missing 78 Year Woman Found Emblamed In Her Son's Wardrobe 10 Years After

Unbelievable! Missing 78 Year Woman Found Emblamed In Her Son's Wardrobe 10 Years After
This is pure evil. The level of dark diabolic devillish acts you hear people commit makes you wonder if they are actually humans. If they can do that to a fellow human or in this case to your own blood, there's no limit to what they can do!
The police in Imo State have arrested one Chimezie Osuigwe, a retired vice-principal, for the alleged murder of his 78-year-old mother in 2003. Osuigwe was arrested after the embalmed body of the septuagenarian was discovered in a cupboard at his house by a family member.
“The corpse of Mrs Lucy Osuigwe, who was declared missing in 2003 was found in a large cupboard inside a shrine in a private room in a circumstance depicting ritual practice.
“The embalmed body, which was kept in that condition for about 10 years is believed to have been placed in the wardrobe by her son, Dr ChimezieOsuigwe, a devotee of the Guru Maharaji Sect.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Politically Incorrect: Jonathan, Obasanjo and Alcohol


The dry humour with which this fine piece was written is amazing.

Interestingly, in the history of Nigeria, not one person who had ever formally declared his or her intention to run for the Premiership or its Presidency, spelt out a cogent political agenda or programme ever made it.  So far, those who have occupied those positions have been “smaller” men who were drafted-in by “bigger” fishes.   In actuality, all of our democratic leaders have been recruited and put into office by tribal and political warlords.

Jonathan is the latest stooge occupying our national centre stage. We all know the story:  Obasanjo drafted-in an uninterested, unhealthy and unprepared Umaru Yar’Adua largely so OBJ could stick his middle finger to the rest of the country for torpedoing his attempt to perpetuate himself in office.  Also, OBJ needed someone whose performance in office would be so bad, so sad, it would make his (OBJ) time seem like the Great Renaissance.  Then, he paired up the colourless Yar’Adua with an even less colourful Jonathan.
We all bear witness to the unsatisfactory result of that dastardly experiment today.

Before anybody heard of brother Jonathan, the man was a lecturer in a school, minding his own business.  He left the management of his day-to-day life in the large hands of his wife.  He taught some young people who were sufficiently interested the exciting life of fauna.  He was utterly uninterested in the administrative end of things.  Even just reading passages to a roomful of students was a painfully tedious task for him.  He kept largely to himself and kept his head well down.  Life was easier for him that way.

Then entered DSP Alamieyeseigha, freshly booted out of the Nigerian Air Force.  However in Bayelsa, Alamieyeseigha was the Alpha Centauri.  He shone the brightest there post 1998 and ruled the roost unchallenged.  To keep matters that way, Alamieyeseigha plucked a docile Jonathan from the obscurity of school life and made him his Deputy.  A star-struck Jonathan however continued to entrust the management of his daily life to his faithful wife.

Jonathan and everyone else in Bayelsa stood by and watched while Alams went about his grim thieving business. But Alamieyeseigha outdid himself, and a combination of Obasanjo, Nuhu Ribadu and the British kicked Alams out on his ear and into undignified, feminised, internal exile.  A petrified Jonathan was thus thrust into the limelight.  Even then, for 18 months, Jonathan kept his head well down and continued to live as uninspired and as anonymously as he could as Governor.

As Vice President, the strains began to show.  Abuja and national politicking was a different matter.  But Jonathan was still keeping his head well down.  He still left the management of his life largely in the steady hands of his wife, although Mrs Jonathan was beginning to rampage all over the place – as much as she was able to get away with under the unsmiling gaze of Turai Yar’Adua.

But Jonathan was a truly absent VP.  He was not in the mould of, say, Atiku or Dr Ekwueme.  He wasn’t entrusted with any genuine State or Administrative duties, responsibilities or functions and he never asked for one.  He never demonstrated any discernible managerial desire, skill, or capacity.  While whiling away, Jonathan tried once to play Godfather and dabble in local Bayelsa politics from Abuja.  But he got his fingers badly burnt and quickly retreated into his shell.  He never attempted that pastime again.

It was an unhappy and a horrified Jonathan that watched Yar’Adua’s health plummet not even halfway into their first term.  Yar’Adua didn’t help matters by smoking like a chimney all the time.  Eventually, his “catarrh” caught up with him in a Saudi Arabian hospital and Yar’Adua’s shell was smuggled back into Nigeria.  So Jonathan inherited the big seat but not before our Northern brothers gave him a taste of hell or two.

To give credit to the man, Jonathan only wanted to see out the remainder of Yar’Adua’s term and return home to the relative comfort of the Niger Delta but others won’t let him.  OBJ wouldn’t let him throw in the towel even after being mentally pummelled by some junior Northern officers/officials.  The Americans would not let Jonathan give up either.  In particular, the US was going through a dreadful recession and saw in Nigeria and in Jonathan an opportunity to keep in check the skyrocketing oil and fuel prices in their country.  Jonathan was summoned to the White House.

There, he again expressed his desire to return home but the Americans told him to man-up.  They assured him that they are behind him like eczema.  To help him out administratively, the Americans persuaded a reluctant Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to return to Nigeria and become Jonathan’s de facto Prime Minister.

Now, nearly everyone seems surprised that Jonathan has dropped the ball.  We all seem shocked that even with a PhD, the fellow cannot pass muster.  But are we right to demand from someone something they never had?  How can we ask a person to provide us what he demonstrably lacks?  Isn’t the joke on us?
And that has been the story of Nigeria, I’m afraid.

When you have OBJ, Mrs Patience, Leadership Newspaper, Tinubu, Alamieyeseigha,  Boko Haram, Social Media and Obama breathing down your neck all of the time, what would you do?  Wouldn’t you drink too - even if the kai-kai is packaged in a fetching Nestle Nesquick plastic container?


Friday, May 10, 2013

Runaway Househelp: Do You Know Mary Ogri?


Runaway Househelp: Do You Know Mary Ogri?
The teenage girl in the picture above is Mary Ogri. She is a 14 year old girl from Igede in Benue state. She is a runaway house help. She was brought to Lagos to work but she claims she was mistreated by her madam and oga and decided to run away. She left home yesterday morning, slept in a strange woman's house and set out this morning to find her way back home but was brought by a bus to Victoria Island. She was found by a group of men this morning in front of Park N Shop and a good samaritan decided to let the media know. Mary Ogri has no idea what her madam's address is but it's somewhere in Lagos.

She is presently at Bar beach police station in Victoria Island. Anyone with useful information should contact the DPO of Bar beach police station; C.S.P Adegoke M. Fayoye on 0803 352 1772.

Treach Fires Vinnie From Naughty By Nature

Treach Fires Vinnie From Naughty By Nature
Treach Fires Vinnie From Naughty By Nature
The OPP (Other People's Property) and Hip Hop Hurray popular 90s rap group Naughty by Nature is short one member after Treach kicked Vinnie out. He made this known via Twitter, then released a diss track titled 'Tall Midget'. See more Tweets

Treach Fires Vinnie From Naughty By Nature
Treach Fires Vinnie From Naugty By Nature
Treach Fires Vinnie From Naugty By Nature

NAFDAC Arrests Man With N106m Fake Condoms, Drugs

NAFDAC Arrests Man With N106m Fake Condoms, Drugs

NAFDAC Arrests Man With N106m Fake Condoms, Drugs
NAFDAC arrested a trader, Olisaemeka Osefoh, for importation of counterfeit medicines into Nigeria. The suspect was also arrested with fake Rough Rider condoms. It was learnt that the estimated street value of the goods was N106, 210, 000. Some of the drugs seized include, Mycoten cream, Neurogesic ointment and Skineal cream.

In his statement, the suspect said he was in partnership with a cartel based in China, where the products were sourced, before being shipped to Nigeria. The Director General of the agency, Dr. Paul Orhii, while parading the suspect, said Osefoh was arrested after a tip off.

He said the suspect had also given investigators information on how the goods were illegally cleared through Tincan Island Port, Lagos. He said, “Operatives of NAFDAC’s Investigation and Enforcement Directorate raided a warehouse located at Progressive Traders Market known for the sales of jewellery and cosmetic products.

“During the raid at Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway, Lagos, 158 cartons of Skineal cream, 43 cartons of Funbact- A Cream, 719 cartons of Mycoten Cream, 131 cartons of Neurogesic ointment, 56 cartons of Rough Rider Condoms, 20 cartons of Iman Luxury Powder and 205 cartons of Heal Balm were impounded.”

Orhii said investigations revealed that drug counterfeiters no longer specialised only in foreign products but also in Nigerian-made drugs.

He said most of the fake drugs being imported were from China while India was second. He however said the agency was having talks with the Chinese Embassy on the issue. He said, “I can say for sure that most of the fake drugs we have in the country now are from China while India comes second. The Indian government is giving us full cooperation but we are still having talks with China.

“NAFDAC is working with the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria to track down the criminal company in China that connived with the suspect to ship the fake medicine into the country.”

The NAFDAC boss seized the opportunity to warn landlords who rent out their warehouses to dealers in fake drugs.

Mehn thats alota though worth of products

What's The Right Way To Break Up

What's The Right Way To Break Up
I’m breaking up with you, DIG IN
Everything, good or bad or whatever must come to an end. From that blistering hot affair to your slow burn relationship of 5 years. End, end, end. Call it what you will. I call it pragmatism.
All philosophy talk aside, what do you do when the relationship has become staid?
You walk. Like a man.
A man knows when it is time to cut losses and move the fvck on. You should too.
Grab your balls, man. Tell her. Don’t tell her friends, your friends, their friends. No. Tell her. It wasn’t working. Goodbye.

Make sure you’re armed with a cogent reason.
What's The Right Way To Break Up
Saying that “It’s wasn’t you, It’s me” is just total bollocks and you should be shot in the end if you come up with a lazy reason like that.

What's The Right Way To Break Up
Yes, the argument is this, that you’re a man and you do not owe any one an explanation. This is true. However, they way women are wired, if the mitigating circumstances are not good enough for her, she will build a castle out of a pile of turd. Control the narrative. This is not to say she won’t make up her own reasons and tell her girlfriends you couldn’t get it up and you had STDs. No. But at least, it will give her something to chew on while she searches for the all elusive closure. Oh and by the way, even if she’s a bitch, don’t tell her that. God, no. Focus on telling her what wasn’t working.


What's The Right Way To Break Up

What's The Right Way To Break Up


What's The Right Way To Break Up


What's The Right Way To Break Up
DO IT IN PERSON. Yes, she may lash out and curse your generations for daring to leave her. Big deal. You’ll be fine. But do it in person. You may drown in her river of tears, wear a floater. But do it in person.
Kanye’s Ex before Amber Rose broke up with him via Text Message, look what happened to his Hip-Hop. We haven’t heard from Kanye since the Graduation. *Dropout bear tears*

Motherf0cker, leave. For the immediate period after the break up. Make yourself scarce for goodness sakes. Stop taking her calls, replying her emails and all that good stuff. She will thank you. She will hate you for it at first, but she’ll thank you. You were her drug. You best be giving her rehab COLD TURKEY.
On a lighter note, 10 points to this guy for creativity:

What's The Right Way To Break Up
I’m breaking up with you, DIG IN
Peace. Peas and Piss.

Kobo In