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Child Trafficking: JTF Intercepts 20 Vehicles With 103 Children

Members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) stationed in Lokoja, Kogi, on Sunday intercepted 20 vehicles conveying more than 103 children, suspected to have been trafficked. The JTF Commander, Lt-Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi, made this known to newsmen in Lokoja on Sunday.

He said that his men became curious when they discovered that the occupants of the vehicles were mostly children, accompanied by some men and women

He said that the vehicles and the occupants had been taken to the Army Records Headquarters in Lokoja, where they would be screened to ascertain their actual destination. Olorunyomi, however,said that 103 of the passengers were children with ages between 3 and 16 years, while 79 others were of 19 years to 53 years.
He said that preliminary investigations revealed that the vehicles were conveying the passengers from different communities in Benue, Cross Rivers and Kogi.

“Most of the passengers are from Obi, Oju and Gwer Local Government Areas of Benue, while the remaining few are from Iyala Local Government Area of Cross Rivers and Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi,’’ he said. All the passengers, apart from giving similar excuses for their movement from their various communities, also said that they were all heading to Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Lagos and Edo states.

Most of the passengers conceded that they were heading to the southwestern states for the first time in search of vacation jobs, while some said that they wanted to go and do some farm work.
Two of the drivers, Bolaji Olusola and Adedeji Oluwaseun, told newsmen that they picked up the passengers at motor parks.

They said that some of the passengers paid their transport fares at the loading points, while some promised to pay theirs when they got to their destinations. JTF on July 27 arrested a man conveying carrying 10 children with ages ranging between 6 years and 16 years in an ash colour Camry car to Lagos.

The man, who was arrested on the same route, was later handed over to the police for interrogation.
Also speaking to journalists, Maj-Gen, Alphonsus Chukwu, the Commander of Army Records, said that the children might be victims of child trafficking. He said that initial interrogations revealed that the children would be received at their destinations by some yet-to-be-identified persons, who would then pay their transport fares to the drivers.

Chukwu said that the drivers were also suspected to be accomplices, as they failed to produce the passengers’ manifest and agreed to carry many of the passengers without collecting their transport fares at the loading points.

The army officer said that the vehicles, drivers and passengers would be transferred to the police for proper investigations and action. Chukwu, however, said that the development indicated that many parents had failed in their responsibility toward their children’s upbringing.

He urged parents to take proper care of their children so as to ensure that they did not fall into wrong hands.

Wife Sues Husband For Being Lazy

“My husband is a lazy man; he does not want to work at all. When he gets a job, he complains about it and before you know it, he would leave the job. “He prefers me feeding him and the family rather than finding a means of livelihood. “He has never been a responsible man. Even when he was working, he gives us N200 weekly allowance. He sent me packing because I told him to get a job.” This was the scathing submission of Mrs. Omolara Adepoju before an Ikorodu Magistrate Court while seeking the dissolution of her 13-year marriage to Adesakin Adepoju.

Omolara, who is a fashion designer, begged the court to “separate” them and grant her the custody of their children saying she has learnt to survive without him. While responding to Omolara’s accusations, Adesakin, who resides at  No. 5, Olayinka St., Sagamu Road, Ikorodu said there was no rancour between them until he left his job on the grounds of unfair treatment. He said: “When the going was good, we had no problem until when I left my job. I left those jobs because I was not satisfied with the way they treated me.

“And for that reason, my wife curses me every day. She wants to run my life for me that was why I told her to leave my house. “As far as I am concerned, she is still my wife, I married her properly and I am not ready to leave her.”

Mrs. Remilekun Adesanya, who presided over the arguments and counter-arguments by the squabbling couple, adjourned the case  to August 15 for possible resolution.

Boko Haram Changes Nigerian Flag At The Olympics


LMAO I got you with the title, didnt I? This picture was showed on NBC during the Olympic Basketball events. How can they make such stupid mistake with flag of a nation like Nigeria. Just thinking out loud, can they do it with USA, Britain, Germany, France, etc? Why our beloved country Nigeria? Or are they patronizing our popular image of a failed state? Yes we are good people great nation. As for the title with boko haram in it, I did it intentional because of the fact that we like to blame or pass the buck instead of fixing the whatever stuff it is.

Unbelievable! Man Vomits Live lizards on Hospital Bed!

The residents of Kubwa, a community on the outskirts of Abuja, got the shock of their lives when an unusual incident involving a businessman occurred about two weeks ago.
The businessman, Edward Asuelimen, woke up in the morning of July 16 with severe pain in his stomach. woke up a few minutes after 5 am. In less than two hours, I had visited the toilet four times. Then I felt excruciating pain in my stomach. It got to a point where I could hardly prepare my children for school,” Asuelimen recounts.

Even his wife was very worried. But he managed to pull himself together and left their home with the children. Halfway to the children’s school, the pain became unbearable and he decided to get some drugs from a store on the way. Yet, a few minutes later, Asuelimen barely managed to walk out of the store by gripping the walls for support.

“I prayed hard to get back home. Anybody who saw me at that point wouldn’t have believed that there was something wrong with me,” he says.

He kept praying and fighting the pain raging in his stomach until he got home. He was so weak that he could not step out of his car. Asuelimen’s wife was alarmed at his condition. She suggested that he should seek medical attention in a hospital after he gasped and said, “Help me quickly, I can’t breathe.”
The businessman had no choice other than to listen to his wife. Eventually, he was admitted at Unity Clinic and Maternity Home, which was nearby.

At intervals, his panic-stricken wife called out his name just to be sure that he was still alive.
 “I had never experienced that kind of pain before. I was merely hanging on with all my strength and faith in God. At the hospital, the medical director and his staff were already having their morning devotion.

“When my wife called the doctor and he helped me to come out of my car, the only thing I could say was, ‘my tommy, my tummy’ I was given an injection and somebody stayed with me, all the while praying as the rest  continued the morning devotion. “The Holy Spirit pushed me to speaking in tongues at that point. Not long afterwards, I felt a strong urge to vomit and I did.”

Asuelimen vomited two live lizards in the hospital. The incident however caused consternation among members of the staff of the hospital and other patients present. “When my wife tried to get something to clean my mouth and pack it, I saw a lizard crawling out from the vomit on the ground. The nurse that attended to me saw another one and wanted to kill it,” he says. When he saw the lizards, the first thought that struck him was that he had been poisoned. But the pain ceased after he vomited the reptiles. The doctor told him that he had just received divine healing.

“I got well almost instantly. Even I joined the hospital staff in burning the lizards. I went home had my bath and continued the day’s business as if nothing had happened to me,” he says.

The news of the  event spread like wildfire. Soon Asuelimen started receiving phone calls from his friends, relatives, neighbours and associates. They congratulated him for surviving a close shave with death.

Eventually, the incident became the talk among the residents of Kubwa. Everybody seemed to be mystified and for some time, they discussed the incident in hushed tones.
The lizards are sstill the subject of debate in the community and the residents are torn between accepting the mystery and waving it aside, since they are convinced that it cannot be proved scientifically. But Asuelimen says, “I am not a medical doctor, and  I know that it cannot be proved scientifically. I know that faith is older and stronger than science. The faith we are talking about is God himself. God is the creator of the universe, so invention and science itself is dependent on God.

“Some things are real and beyond proof. We don’t have to subject God’s miracle and existence to scrutiny. It does not make sense because I know there are many things that God can do, which science cannot prove. I am talking about divine healing and miracles in particular. The fact that science cannot prove it does not mean they are not real.”

The Medical Director of Unity Clinic and Maternity, Dr. Stephen Nwaedozie, confirmed the incident. He says, “When I got to the car, I saw Edward writhing in pain. I brought him out of the vehicle and attended to him. We started praying for him. Not long afterwards, my nurses told me that he had vomited lizards.

“I personally burnt the lizards and poured anointing oil on them and buried the carcasses. As soon as we did that, the man recovered from the stomach pain. He is a child of God and with faith he told them to bring him to my hospital and when he came here, God delivered him. So we praise God.” Nwaedozie admitted that there was no way science could explain the appearance of the lizards in Asuelimen’s vomit. “If I was not there and it didn’t happen right before me, I won’t believe. So that is why we have to tell the world the truth,” he says.

Source: Naij

Gunmen in Police Uniform Snatch Compass Newspaper Editor’s Car


What is with armed robbers and stealing of media people's toyota cars?
Armed robbers dressed in police uniform at about 10 p.m.on Sunday at gunpoint snatched a car from the Editor, Nigerian Compass newspaper, Mr. Gabriel Akinadewo.
The editor, who was in his Toyota Avensis car, 2008 model marked Ogun CP 11 AKM, was returning from his office on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway when he ran into the road block mounted by the robbers in front of a new generation bank at Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of the bandits, Akinadewo said, “I give glory to God Almighty for saving my life. I left church yesterday afternoon for my office in my white garment. I am a member of Cheribum and Seraphim Church.

“Immediately I was through with my schedule in the office, I took my leave. On my way home, I drove through the Business Club Road, near Femi Anikulapo’s Shrine and suddenly, four men blocked my way with their car. so I decided to go through Amaraolu Street linking the bank. As I approached the bank, I saw the four men again in police uniform in front of the bank. They flagged me with a torch light that I should stop. I did and greeted them thinking they were policemen.

“They asked me, ‘can we see your boot?’ As I got down to open the boot, one of them suddenly whispered to me, ‘we are not policemen. It is better for you not to shout. So, cooperate.’ Another one grabbed my car key and ordered me to sit at the back seat sandwiched by two of them. One drove my car and the last one sat in the front with the driver.

“Because of the white garment I wore, one of them asked me if I was a pastor. I said no. The same man saw my identity card and asked if I was a journalist. I said ‘yes’. Their leader reprimanded him saying, ‘keep quiet, why do you ask him questions?’ They took me in my car through Wempco Road to Oba Ogunji Road.

“As they were going, one of the robbers called somebody on phone and he said, ‘super, we got two, a SUV and a car. They are okay, they are neat.’ In the SUV, there were four other robbers also dressed in police uniform with the owner of the SUV at the back. The owner was wearing a lace material.

“They moved to Mobil, Stadium Road, Railway line in Agege and Abattoir. There, they told me to get down, that I must not make any noise. I quickly called the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko who immediately ordered police in Abattoir and others to organise search parties for the car. I later reported the matter at Pen Cinema Police Division. I finally got home at about 2 a.m. today.”

Akinadewo commended Manko for responding swiftly to his distress call.
He also thanked policemen who commenced the search for the car as early as they were called on phone by the police boss.

Items lost in the car include an unspecified amount of money, ipad 3, London train oyster card, FCMB mastercard, Nigerian Compass identity card, his driver’s licence, newspapers, purse and complimentary cards.

Source: PM News

Hot Photo of the Day



Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Is that guy hiding a bottle of coke  in his sports tights or he is just greatly endowed?

Romance Story - Love and Let Love



I saw this on facebook, dont know where it originated but I wanna share with you.
Read the full story and leave a comment please. 
My name is Dayo. I’m a typical Nigerian guy and I cherish my Fridays a lot; I get to hang out with the sickest guys every Friday night and secondly, It’s another escape from my nagging and boring wife. I get confused sometimes on whether she’s my mother or my wife. Don’t get it twisted; I love her pieces. It just gets complicated; like I wish we never got married…marriage has turned her into something that doesn't amuse me. I wish she was still the adventurous, charming, high spirited lady I dated for five years.

A lot of people say its unethical for married guys to be found in a club, but I wish everyone won’t be too quick to judge and understand that people look for fun to run away from their problems; they just want to breathe, like me.
I forgot to say that I work in Guarantee Trust Bank along Lekki, I love my job and my job loves me, maybe its because I’m the senior banking officer. Lol. This particular morning, a lady breezed into my office. My heart raced faster because I had not sighted anything this beautiful in a long while. She wasn’t the typical slender Barbie, in fact, she was a bit chubby but her smile, cuteness and…I was tripped.
“Hi Good morning! Your ATM has swallowed my card!” She laughed, unlike a typical customer that would ram you.
I just tried to form Boss laughter…
“Good morning, You know what? I’d personally make sure they get it out for you, but not today. Can you wait till Monday?” I smiled
 “GTB shaaa! OK, can I just drop my number so you could call me up or just text when its ready so I don’t come twice? Please? My name is Nancy” She blinked her eyes in a funny way.
“Sure” I smiled
We exchanged numbers. What a lucky Friday....
So it was 10:00pm and I headed to the club…as usual my friends were chilling for me. My wife had called a couple of times, I just ignored it. She knows I’m never home Friday nights.
“Look at you!” I heard someone say. I raised my head and it was the ATM lady-Nancy.
“Wow, look at you too!” I was surprised to see her but I was happy I didn’t have to wait till Monday to see her again.
“Happy Friday!” She screamed because of the noise, “Wanna dance?”
I didn’t even have the chance to answer, she already pulled me to dance floor. I really suck at dancing but she helped me; she was a great dancer! I had fun! At some point we decided to go to a private area and we talked, ranging from work, business to personal life. I tried to hide my ring as much as possible, I certainly didn’t want this to end now.
 “You are a really wonderful lady. You are so interesting…any guy would want to be with you all day” I said.
“I wasn’t always like this but I have learned the hard way that life is just too short to be sad” she sang
Then her phone rang…
“Hey baby! Yeah I’m at the private lounge, I’d like you to meet someone…alright boo” she talked excitedly as usual.
I was in shock until this tall handsome man walks up to her and kisses her.
"You were late. Meet Dayo; I met him this morning, he’s helping with your ATM I told you got swallowed and Dayo this is my B to the O-O,” she laughed “Meet my husband Kolade, we only come here to dance every fortnight Friday; away from work, stress and kids.” 
“Wow, a pleasure” I managed to shake him
Then she stood now excitedly holding her husband’s arms.
“Why don’t we invite Dayo for Mimi’s 16th birthday tomorrow?” Her husband said
They have kids too? How long have they been married and they look like a couple just dating!
Silly me, please come for my second daughter’s 16th tomorrow. It would be an honor” She brought out an I.V from her purse.
I began to feel so ashamed of myself…this was another guy like me, getting it....
this was another guy like me, getting it right with one woman.
I collected the I.V and promised to be there.
See you tomorrow! Have you had something to eat Kolade?” she talked and dragged her husband along.
They left and I kept staring @ the thin air like I had seen a ghost. They come just to dance together every fortnight Fridays? Why didn’t I think of that! Temi loves to dance…she also likes long walks, she loves to talk…she loves jazz music, there’s this vivid picture I have of me putting her hand on my chest when we danced at a jazz club on our first year anniversary…I found myself typing all the things I knew Temi loved to do on my Ipad and I realized I had denied her of all…I had made her the old woman she acts.
What the hell was I doing here! I didn’t even tell my friends goodbye, I walked out of the club into my Jaguar. Temi’s call came through and I picked at first ring.
Temi?” My heart raced
I know you are not coming home…”
I am, stay up so we can gist. Been a while” I decided to do everything on that list and to even add many more for the rest of my lifetime with her.
Are you alright?” She was shocked I suppose
And I’d like us to go for a birthday party tomorrow. I want you to meet this amazing couple”
“You sound different Dayo”
“Maybe I’m different
Don’t say it! don’t say it! when you come we will gist very well” she laughed
She laughed!!! In just that laughter that I hadn’t heard in a while, she sounded like the lady I married six years ago…

25 Year Old NFL Player, O.J. Murdock Commits Suicide

This is such a sad sad story. I wonder where people get the heart to take their own lives. He went to his alma mater and simply shot himself. 

Murdock was found in his car in front of Middleton High School, his alma mater, at 8:30 a.m., police said. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead at 10:43 a.m. Eastern time. “He was by himself,” Tampa police spokesman Andrea Davis said. “… He was alive when fire rescue transported him.”
Murdock did not report to training camp last Friday with the rest of the team, and the Titans placed him on their “did not report” list over the weekend. When asked about Murdock’s absence, coach Mike Munchak said it was for personal reasons.

“He had some personal things come up,” Munchak said on Saturday. “He called us, and we’re hoping to see him tonight.”

The Titans signed Murdock as an undrafted free agent on July 28, 2011. He spent the entire 2011 season on injured reserve after suffering a right Achilles injury early in his rookie training camp.

Source: Tennessean.com

A Zenith Bank Driver Arrested With 19 GTBank ATM Cards, N652,000


This is mean. Stealing people's hard earned cash. How the hell did he actually got those cards? Everyday I'm hustlin but not like this. But it woulda been a service to the nation if the accounts belonged to corrupt politicians in Nigeria.
The full story as reported in Punch
The Lagos State Police Command has arrested Dare Oladujoye, a driver with Zenith Bank, for allegedly being in possession of 19 Guaranty Trust Bank ATM cards and the sum of N652, 000.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspect was using the cards to withdraw money from an ATM at Ogba branch of GTB when a security guard raised the alarm.

The Commissioner of Police for the state police command, Mr. Umar Manko, said as of the time of his arrest, the suspect had withdrawn N652, 000 from the ATM.

Manko said, “On July 26, 2012, around 8:30pm, there was a distress call that there was commotion at GTB, Ogba branch. On getting there, the suspect was seen with 19 ATM cards.

“He is an employee of Zenith Bank and we wondered what he was doing with the 19 cards. He was arrested and as of the time of his arrest, he had cashed N652, 000. The matter is under investigation.”
The suspect however denied stealing the ATM cards. He said whenever he lent people money, he would collect their ATM cards as collateral and return them after payment.
He said, “I usually loan people money and I’ve been doing it for over a year. Whenever I loan people money, I will collect their ATM cards and their Personal Identification Numbers. When they repay me, I return their cards to them.
“However, if they don’t pay me back in cash, I go to withdraw money from their accounts through the ATM.”
When quizzed on where he got the money which he lent people, he said he was into various kinds of businesses.
He also said he had friends in the banking sector who helped him with funds.
He said, “I am a very hard working person. I joined Zenith Bank as a driver over three years ago and in less than a year, I bought a tricycle which I leased to another driver that gives me returns on a regular basis.
“The following year, I bought two tricycles bringing the total number to three. I make N150,000 monthly from the tricycles and N60,000 from my salary. I also get credit facilities through my connections in the banking sector.
“On the day I was arrested, I went to withdraw money on Thursday night with some of the cards when a security guard raised the alarm. I did not steal those cards. I know the owners of the cards and I have their numbers on my phone.”

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet China's Most Incredible Mother: The Woman Who Saved 30 Abandoned Babies Dumped in The Street

Lou Xiaoying has been praised in China for saving more than 30 abandoned babies over the years

Lou Xiaoying has been praised in China for saving more than 30 abandoned babies over the years
A woman has been hailed a hero after details of her astonishing work with abandoned children has emerged.
Lou Xiaoying, now 88 and suffering from kidney failure, found and raised more than 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Jinhua, in the eastern Zhejiang province where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish.
She and her late husband Li Zin, who died 17 years ago, kept four of the children and passed the others onto friends and family to start new lives.
Her youngest son Zhang Qilin - now aged just seven - was found in a dustbin by Lou when she was 82.

'Even though I was already getting old I could not simply ignore the baby and leave him to die in the trash. He looked so sweet and so needy. I had to take him home with me,' she said.
'I took him back to our home, which is a very small modest house in the countryside and nursed him to health. He is now a thriving little boy, who is happy and healthy.
'My older children all help look after Zhang Qilin, he is very special to all of us. I named him after the Chinese word for rare and precious.
'The whole thing started when I found the first baby, a little girl back in 1972 when I was out collecting rubbish. She was just lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned. She would have died had we not rescued her and taken her in.
'Watching her grow and become stronger gave us such happiness and I realised I had a real love of caring for children.
'I realised if we had strength enough to collect garbage how could we not recycle something as important as human lives,' she explained.
'These children need love and care. They are all precious human lives. I do not understand how people can leave such a vulnerable baby on the streets.

She is now dying from kidney failure and her husband died 17-years-ago. Lou said she loved watching the babies grow into healthy children
Lou is now dying from kidney failure. She is pictured here with two of the children she helped rescued

Lou, left, caring her the babies with her husband Li Zin. She would give them to friends and family after she rescued them
Lou, left, caring her the babies with her husband Li Zin. She would give them to friends and family after she rescued them

Lou, who has one biological daughter, Zhang Caiying and now aged 49, devoted her life to looking after the abandoned babies.
Word of her kind-hearted gestures has now spread in China, where thousands of babies are abandoned on the streets by their poverty stricken parents.

One fan explained: 'She is shaming to governments, schools and people who stand by and do nothing. She has no money or power but she saved children from death or worse.'
'In the local community she is well known and well respected for her work with the abandoned babies. She does her best. She is a local hero. But unfortunately there are far too many abandoned babies in China who have no hope of survival.
Only last week there was news of a baby lucky to be alive after having its throat cut and then put in a plastic bag and thrown in a dustbin at Anshan city, in northeast China’s Liaoning province.
The baby – a girl – was thought to be a victim of the country's one child policy where parents restricted to only having a single child prefer boys and girls are unwanted and often discarded.

Lou, who is now in hospital, has become iconic in her village and people have said she puts the government and other officials to shame
Lou, who is now in hospital, has become iconic in her village and people have said she puts the government and other officials to shame
A little boy who was found abandoned by Lou is now cared for by her older children. The family have little money but still managed to save dozens of children
A little boy who was found abandoned by Lou is now cared for by her older children. The family have little money but still managed to save dozens of children

Lou made a living from collecting and recycling rubbish, she said that she would never leave the children after coming across them, abandoned
Lou made a living from collecting and recycling rubbish, she said that she would never leave the children after coming across them, abandoned

Infanticide of 'guilt children' is still a problem in rural areas but it is rare in cities, where children are usually abandoned but not killed.
The baby's fate has horrified China. The tot was spotted when a passerby went to throw some rubbish in the bin the and saw what he thought was a dead baby in the bag.
He told police that the child was purple and had not moved until he examined the bag more closely.
A resident who witnessed the girl being taken to hospital said: 'She was still breathing and had a heartbeat. Blood from the wound stained the whole body.'
Doctors said that if the baby had been left in the bag a few minutes longer she would have died of suffocation and it had already been affected by the lack of oxygen hence the purple colour.
They said that the baby had been born premature and was probably between 32 and 34 weeks old and weighing just 1.4 kg.
A medic said that if the cut had been just a millimetre deep in the baby would have died.

Recovering: The premature baby was found in a bin, with placenta and umbilical cord still attached, in Anshan city in northeast China
The premature baby was found in a bin, with placenta and umbilical cord still attached, in Anshan city in northeast China

Source: Mail Online

Gunmen Attack Family Home Of Vice President Namadi Sambo



Suspected militants have attacked the family home of Vice President Namadi Sambo on Baba Ahmed Road in Tudun Wada area of Zaria, Kaduna state. According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen drove by the house and shot at two policemen guarding the house.

The policemen reportedly survived the attack. The gunmen fled the scene after the attack.

Source: Saharareporter.

The Most Beautiful Cars of 2012 - Forbes


I want one of these babies too LOL. Do you think I can make enough money from blogging to afford them? LMAO!

Vintage cars like a Ferrari 250, the E-Type Jaguar and the original Porsche 911 have always been prototypes of automotive beauty. But there are some new models on the market today that can stand up to the handsome rides of old. Such specimens as the brand-new Jaguar F-Type, the sultry Ferrari 458 Spider, and the obscure Zenvo ST1 Supercar made our list of the most beautiful cars of 2012.

Behind the List

In past years we have rounded up some beautiful vintage whips, so for the latest graduating class of stunners we considered only models that are new on sale this year.

But just being popular or expensive isn’t enough to make this list—the polarizing Porsche Panamera and Ferrari FF, for instance, didn’t make the cut. They’re both great cars, fast and fun to drive, but their looks aren’t conventionally beautiful.

“Beauty first and foremost is the No. 1 factor in evaluating a car,” says David Gooding, the founder of the Gooding & Co. auction house. “If it is beautiful, it always captivates people.”

He’s selling a regal 1936 Mercedes-Benz Von Krieger 540K Special Roadster at the Pebble Beach auction this year and says its unique good looks could push it to a record-breaking cull.

Quantifying Beauty
Is there any objective factor in determining what makes a car like the Jaguar E-Type so attractive? A lot of it has to do with proportion. Jae Min, a chief designer for Volkswagen Group, says the correct balance between height, length and width plays a significant role in just how beautiful–or unbeautiful–a car appears.

“There is a fundamental value in good proportion,” Min says. “That is something that we all share in terms of what is beautiful.”

Anyway, the real challenge to making a beautiful car, Min says, is to create a design that is relevant and functional without becoming trendy.

Need a primer? Study the Porsche 911 Turbo or the Mercedes-Benz SLS line. They’ve each got good looks classic enough to withstand the test of time, but they each look as fresh and dynamic as the day they debuted. Expect to see them on most-beautiful lists for years to come.

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider Feast your eyes on the world's first hardtop convertible mid-engine supercar. This $257,000 stunner has a V8, rear-wheel drive engine and goes 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds. With the roof up, the car looks just like the stunning Italia. With the ultra-light hardtop down, it is the hottest convertible on the market today.

Source: Yahoo Auto

The Complicated Love Life Of Rev. Chris Okotie’s Ex-Wife, Stephanie Henshaw


According what Encomium magazine reported; unknown to many close friends, Stephanie Adie Henshaw has never been married before Reverend Christopher in the true sense of the word.The mother of three children from two men has rather been a victim of abuse and ill-luck with a chequered history of marital woes that ended up breaking into pieces her fragile heart.
Stephanie’s first love before came into the picture was a young man she met through a friend in Lagos. With no intention of , being quite young then, the innocent Calabar girl, unfortunately got pregnant for the man.

She was still carrying his baby when he was shot to death in Surulere, Lagos. The tragic death of Stephanie’s hat would happen to her years after.
“The pain they inflicted on Stephanie after the death of the father of her fisrt child was unbearable. One day, she was invited by the man’s people to know how the child was faring. And before she knew what was happening, they took custody of the child. She never set eyes on the boy until two, three years ago,” a highly reliable source told ENCOMIUM Weekly.

We further learnt that Stepahnie’s son was taken to England where he schooled before returning to the country. He has since reunited with his mom.
Stephanie Henshaw’s affair with one businessman, Mazi Okechukwu (Okey) was totally built on deceit which was not initially to the knowledge of the ravishingly beautiful lady.
”Stephanie didn’t know that Okey was a fraud. Okey told her he was not married. He was building a house back then in Omole Estate. Okey had rent a house for Stephanie in Ikeja, Lagos. And each time he sneaked out to see his first wife and children, he would say he had gone to see his mother. The day she found out the truth, she literally fainted,”our source revealed.

It was in-between this affair that produced two sons that Rev., who had been admiring Stephanie from a distance started walking into her .
ENCOMIUM Weekly learnt she was naturally pissed off with the Igbo businessman and literally needed a man she could call hers. From what we were told, Okotie staked his reputation, and risked his to have Stephanie.
“He really loved Stephanie. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Okotie had cause to jump a fence for the sake of this love. Of course, you already know, he was attacked physically on several occasions all for Stephanie.
“It was this same Okey that smashed Okotie’s windscreen and all that. He, however, had to give up when it was obvious that Stephanie was no longer interested in the relationship. After all, there was no to be dissolved,
since there was none in the first place”.
A born again Christian for almost 20 years, we were informed that Stephanie has always known God despite her marital woes.

Our source who had known Stephanie for many years warned those castigating her to maintain their cool. She even threatened to open up on many more issues relating to her four year to Rev. Okotie if pushed to the wall.
Before now, the impression engraved in people’s consciousness was that Stephanie was a widow and divorcee. an allegation her close friends and family members are now making serious effort to debunk.
Relatedly, more facts are beginning to emerge, throwing light on the remote and immediate circumstances that contributed to the crash of her marriage to Household of God’s Chris Okotie on Sunday, June 24,2012.
Information at our disposal has it that Stephanie was not going to church as often as she was supposed to as pastor ‘s . She had also been accused of being stubborn, while another wicked allegation they fired at her had to do with bi-sexualism.
Rev. Chris Okotie’s image maker, Mr. Ladi Ayodeji, in his response to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s inquiries on the issue that same day said they have no comment on any issue related to Okotie/Stephanie marriage break-up.

“We have nothing to say on this issue. Please go ahead and write whatever that pleases you.”
Meanwhile, Rev. Okotie is yet to say anything about why his marriage to Stephanie surprisingly crashed. He said nothing on the issue at the Wednesday (July 11, 2012), Household of God’s midweek service.
That was also the situation on Sunday, July 15, 202. The charismatic preacher, who adorned a black trouser, white shirt and checked coat concentrated on the message of the day which centered on God’s power of delivery.

And as has been the situation since he separated from his wife, the church was also filled to capacity. Before the church dismissed around 1.30, members born in July were not able to present a drama, No Gossip in the House, which they had earlier announced that Sunday service.
July 22, 2012 marks the fifth Sunday Okotie’s marriage of four years to Efik, Cross River born Stephanie Adie Henshaw crashed. Nothing officially has come from the couple as regards their marital crisis.
Reverend Okotie has maintained calculated silence on the matter since his announcement on June 24. while Stephanie only made references to her marital travails in a recent Facebook update.

Source: Encomium

BREAKING NEWS: Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Hit Two Police Formations In Sokoto

Suicide bombers of the Islamist militant sect Boko Haram this morning attacked two police stations in Sokoto metropolis.

At first a suicide bomber driving a bomb rigged car attacked the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police in the city at Marina killing a police officer and injuring several others.

Another bomber also bombed Unguwar Rogo Police station in the metropolis.  The number of casualties in the second attack is unknown as at the time of publishing this report.

 This is developing story, updates later...

Nigerian Politicians Are Very Insane, They Kill Dreams – Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic)

The rich international businessman, Richard Branson, has lambasted the crop of leaders we have in Nigeria for their high level greed which, according to him, is killing big brands wishing to do business with the government of the country, for the growth of Nigeria’s economy.
Below is the revelations by Mr. Branson on his experience in Nigeria…

The chairman of Virgin Atlantic said: “…we have virgin’s ill-fated footsteps by setting up a new airline in Africa in conjunction with Nigerian government…the details of the doomed attempts to crack the Nigerian market in the 2000s is better imagined…we put …together a very good airline-the first airline in West Africa that was ever IOSA/IATA operational safety audit accredited but unfortunately it got tied down to the politics of the country…we led the airlines for 11 years…
“We fought daily battle against government agents who wanted to daily make fortune from us, politicians who saw the government 49% as a meal to seek for all kinds of favour…watchdogs (regulatory body) that didn’t know what to do and persistently asking for bribes at any point…Nigeria people are generally nice but the politicians are very insane…that may be irony because the people make up the politicians…
“But those politicians are selfish…we did make N3billion for the federal government of Nigeria during the joint venture…realising that the government didn’t bring nothing to the table/partnership except dubious debts by the previous carrier, Nigeria Airways…The joint venture should have been the biggest African carrier by now if the partnership was allowed to grow, but the politicians KILLED it…Nigeria is a country we SHALL NEVER consider to doing business again..”

Olufamous.com is thus asking:
Is any Nigeria surprised why reputable companies (that don’t give bribe) are moving out of Nigeria to other countries where the leaders are patriotic and do not earn millions every month while the masses earn N18,000 as minimum wage?

Photos: Arsenal Players Get a Dance Lesson From Kaffy in Nigeria


Bimbo Head Girl Seeks Twitter Trending Fame By Twitting Naked Pictures Of Herself


Im singing is you ask me .... na who I go ask?
I mean what on earth is she thinking? what does she stand to gain from going stark naked and posting the picture on the internet. Even when Lady Gaga did it (click Here to see lady Gaga's), she had the decency the cover up the vital parts of her body with her legs and little crawling men when she did it for an advert. But this very nameless, insignificant girl did this for a reason that I can't seem to grasp. According to Ladun's blog, she did it to trend on twitter.

If you ask me, I'll say this is dumb! Please let me know your thoughts on this action and let me know if people stand to gain anything from trending on twitter. 

Kobo In